Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Final Images Continued

For some reason, the blog would not let me write under the last image in the last post. So it is continued here (and the picture is posted here, also)!

 1. Composition
A. Amount of Subject: I decided to keep all of the subjects in the frame to emphasize the repetition of the elements. 
B. Sharpness and Blur: I wanted to focus on the subjects, but I felt that because they are repetitive and similar in shape and form, they did not all need to be sharp. So the first two M's are sharp, and then the rest are blurred. I think this is important, because even thought they are blurred, you can still recognize that they are all the same and it creates more interest. 
C. Lighting: I did not want dramatic lighting, but in order to get good lighting in my house, I had to put a couple of lights right above the letters. This lead to effective lighting and good cast shadows. It also created contrast between the dark shadow all the way to the right and the brightness of the window pane. Also, the shadows cast on the letters and by the letters create visual interest, as well. 

2. Concept, Motivation, and Method
In creating this image, I chose the letter M because it is the first letter of my first name and because there were a lot of them in the bag of letters that I have. In this image, I wanted to emphasize not only the repetition, but also the characteristics of letters. Because my first name starts with an M, I see it as very repetitive because I am always using it to write my name. However, because of this, I also feel like I identify with it and it is almost part of who I am.  This image is kind of a playful representation of how I feel about the repetitiveness of the letter M. 

3. Context
I think that this image deals with my psychology and how I identify with the letter M. I was hoping to show the repetitiveness of this letter in my life in a playful way.  I was also kind of influenced by the feel of I Spy books that I used to read when I was little. 

4. Interpretation
Students in class recognized the repetition. They also commented on the perspective (above and to the side) which creates the feeling of the letters as people. 
5. Evaluation
Based on critique, the theme of repetition was achieved.  Maybe I could have tried to photograph the subjects in a different location to explore the effect of the location on the effectiveness of the theme of repetition. 
6. Extension
I could see this photograph as a jumping off point for a project or series of images on identity or maybe themes that have been repeated in my life.

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