Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blog prompt 5

#22 Watch the video in the link below. Write a few sentences in response to this video.

I think the ways that he is using and combining technology is really interesting and smart on his end, to explore and investigate new media. He constructs this reality in very careful and intricate ways. It seems like quite the elaborate process and it takes a lot of time and dedication. I think it is worth it because it makes anything you can imagine a reality. But at the same time, because these things are so unbelievable, it is easy to tell that they are CGI.  

Also, see these links.

1. In what ways do you “construct” your identity? In what ways do you “perform” in your daily life?
           I think that whenever I have to explain my interests or a part of who I am, I am kind of constructing my identity. Because I have to try and put my thoughts and feelings into words, and sometimes they are not directly compatible. I do not try and construct aspects of my identity that are not true, because I think that is just bad karma. I do not know what ways I perform in my daily life -- maybe because I am shy, and everyone does not get to see my identity and personality.
2. Describe some ways in which your personal culture and social environments are “constructed”.
           I think that personal culture and social environment are very constructed, especially in college, around what is "cool" and "popular." For that reason, I often find myself going to the bar, or listening to music that I do not really like, but do not say anything about.
3. Describe some ways in which your physical environment/space is “constructed”.
          My physical environment is constructed in some ways because of what I value to be important and what I pick to do instead of other things. For example, I have been told it is important to shower and brush my teeth -- so I do it. I like to take my dog for a walk, but I have to pick up his business. I started to read a book someone else recommended and liked, but I do not. A lot of things are constructed because on my own, maybe I would not pursue them. 
4. In your daily life, what would you consider to be “real” and what would you consider to be “constructed/fabricated”?
          In my daily life, most of my emotions are real and authentic. I do some things that I do not want to do, but I do not move too far out of my comfort zone. Sometimes when I meet someone new or a stranger, I might not be authentic in my emotions or opinions because I do not want to cause trouble. A lot of times I actually put my feelings aside and do what is necessary to make others happy, so sometimes I regret that.
5. Describe a narrative tableaux that you might create to be captured by a photograph. A narrative tableaux can be defined as “Several human actors play out scenes from everyday life, history, myth or the fantasy of the direction artist” ( Constructed Realities: The Art of Staged Photography Edited by Michael Kohler , 34).
          A narrative tableaux that might be interesting to play out is scenes from a favorite book, like Harry Potter, or a historical event. I would like to do a historical event, but I think the nature of narrative is that it tells someones vies -- so therefore it is inherently biased because it is from the point of view of one person or culture.
6. Describe an idea for a photograph that includes a miniature stage or still life. A description of such an image is “The tableaux reconstructs events as in the narrative tableaux, but in miniaturized format, using dolls and other toy objects” (Kohler, 34).
          I think it would be interesting to construct a still life out of children's toys, in the way that the child left them when they were finished with them. That way you can kind of see what the child was thinking and interested in.

#24 Describe your plans for your self-proposed final project (if the plan is the same as before, paste it here again and give a bit more detail). During the final critique for Assignment #5, you will discuss/present these ideas to the class.
          My plan for my final project is to capture a narrative through the photographs of empty liquor bottles. These bottles are in authentic "hiding" spots and reflect the desperation and maybe misunderstanding or almost ignorance of an alcoholic. I say this because, the person is hiding these, but everyone else around knows exactly where they are hidden (most of the time), but the person is alone most of the time so when they are discovered, they are almost always empty. Also, if you were to try and move/dispose of one, the alcoholic would become violent.

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