Sunday, June 12, 2011

Semi-Contemporary Popular Media Photographer -- Judith Golden

Biography:  Judith Golden was raised in Chicago, and earned her BFA at the Chicago Institute of Arts. She earned her MFA from the University of California, Davis.

Significance: She is significant because her work challenges the Hollywood mentality -- she comments on the superficial and seductive world of Hollywood and celebrities. Her use of appropriated media images is also important in the history of photography. She also references illusion, fragmentation, and imagination.

Composition: Her work often includes portraits, role playing, and caricatures of the media.

Concept, Aboutness, Idea:  Her work has helped to define the history of women -- exploring self and society -- and she navigates the boundaries of illusion and reality.

Method: Golden uses traditional techniques, contemporary references, handwork, technology, and fantasy/her imagination. She often works in a series. 

Motivations: Golden says, "I am an alchemist. With the magic of photography. I transform reality into the mystical realm of myth, dreams, and spirit." She discusses mystery, memory, history, and fragmentation in her work, as well as she comments on the superficial life of Hollywood.

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