Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog prompt 6

  1. Ideas sometimes grow out of irritation. What is a negative thought you are having about your project? What is the opposite of this negative thought? How could you implement a change in your project so that this negative thought will subside? 
  2.      One negative thought that I am having is that I hope I am not glamorizing alcoholism in anyway, because that is not my intention. The opposite of this negative thought is that I am working through some of my emotions through this project and that is definitely not viewing alcoholism in a positive way. I think that when people see the pictures all together they will understand the theme. I think maybe if some of them were alone, then the idea may not be clear. But as a series I think they convey my message.    
  3. What is a consistent theme/visual element in your project? What would be the opposite of this? How can you implement that into your project? 
  4.      A consistent theme in my project is the empty vodka bottle in its various hiding places and locations. The opposite of this might be the vodka bottle in inauthentic locations or different types of alcohol, maybe reflecting a drunken state of mind. I was originally considering it, but as I started taking pictures, I realized that I did not want the project to be about the alcoholics feelings/state of mind, but rather the people looking in or finding the bottles.
  5. Type twenty words or phrases that relate to your project.
  6.      Alcoholism, emotional, liquor, environment, location, home, abuse, addiction, stress, anger, sadness, reflection, authentic, life changes, unbelievable, caught off guard, denial, refusal, excuses, rehab, ROUTINE.
  7. At the deepest core, describe why you like this project. Dig deep! 
  8.      At the deepest core, my project is about human feelings and experiences that bring them on. I like this project because it forces me to confront and work through some of my emotions that are very hard to talk about, think about, or deal with. 
  9. Contract your project. What would it boil down to if squeezed and contracted to its simplest form?
  10.      If it was boiled down to its simplest element, it would be about alcoholism and the pain caused by it.
  11. Divide your project into three components. Rearrange and reassemble them in your mind. 
  12.      1. Alcholism    2. feelings/emotions    3. authenticity
  13. List your assumptions about your project. Reverse these. 
  14.      My assumption about this project is that maybe it will not be taken seriously by the audience. I really hope that it comes across as serious and authentic and shows just how much alcoholism is a part of daily life and changes so much.
  15. What would your project look like 100 years ago? What would your project look like 100 years in the future?
  16.      I think 100 years ago, my project would be different because of the technology.  But alcoholism is not a new experience.  People have been dealing with and struggling with this issue for a long time. 100 years in the future it may look similar, but also probably a lot different because of the new technology and maybe new inventions in alcohol or ways to control addiction.
  17. Remove something from your project. How does it change?
  18.      The only thing I could imagine removing from my project is maybe color. I think it would change the project a great deal, as I think it takes away some of the context (the environment as it is) and may make the focus less prominent. 
  19. How would you convert your project into a narrative? How would you remove any narrative from your project? 
  20.      My project already is a narrative and I am hoping, and think that viewers will definitely pick up a narrative from the series of images. If I had to remove narrative from the project, I probably would not give any context about the concept and idea of the project, but I think it would be very hard to not have any in this project. 

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