Sunday, June 12, 2011

Historical Popular Media Photographer -- Margaret Bourke-White

Biography: Margaret Bourke-White was born in 1904 in New York. She completed her education at Cornell University.

Significance: Bourke-White is significant for the pioneer work that she did in photojournalism.  She is known as the founding mother of LIFE magazine because she shot the first cover.  She was first known as an industrial photographer, and then became known for her photography that showed the human side of life and she was often in dangerous situations, and had the courage to report the news. Bourke-White also broke ground as a female photographer in a field of all males.   

Technique: Her photographs are in black and white, and include very dynamic compositions. She traveled around the world, and often exposed herself to dangerous situations and pushed boundaries for female photographers. 

Motivations: She wanted to capture the industrialization of America, and in her later work, she wanted to capture what American life was like -- at home and abroad.  She put herself in dangerous situations, and was a female in a male dominated field, so that she could capture the news and let the American people know what was going on.

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