Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recreation #3

Composition: In my recreation, I wanted to emphasize the change over time in this location. I wanted to do this by my choice of framing -- I zoomed out and tried to capture the emptiness and loneliness of the room, compared to the clutter or at least occupation of the room before. I wanted the perspective to be from the level of the floor to emphasize the emptiness even more. 

Concept, Aboutness, Idea: This image is a recreation of my memory because that room was where I used to live at my house in East Lansing for a year. Then, the next year, I moved down to the room downstairs. So I have a lot of memories in that room. This past year, another girl lived in there.  She moved out this weekend, and it was very weird to see it empty again and made me think about what it was like before. I wanted to recreate my memory of the room by capturing it in its current state to show a change over time, but also to show that now it is empty and will be someone else's room. The painting on the walls (which I did) is still the same, and it oddly still feels like my room even though someone else lived there for a year. I wanted to include my dog Woody, because I think it emphasizes the emptiness and confusion. It is also is about his memory too, as he remembers it as my room, and would always try to go in there, even when we moved downstairs. I wanted to recreate this image of my room in this way, because even when it was my room, it always felt lonely. It is upstairs, away from the hustle and bustle, and I mostly used it to keep my stuff in, because my boyfriend lived downstairs.  

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